Born in Lyon, France, François has a Master’s degree in fine arts from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. He teaches video, editing and post-production, as well as traditional and digital photography.

François is an artist who creates videos, photo series, as well as multimedia performances and installations. With a background in photography and painting, both film masters and painters have influenced his work. Moving across multiple disciplines to produce large scale pieces such as multi-channel video installations, François uses various tools such a digital photography, motion, audio and visual software, to build experiential works.

He has shown works at the Museum of Fine Arts Boston, Beacons Festival in Skipton UK, the Museum of Science Boston, the Boston Sculptors Gallery, the Boston Convention Center, Gallery XIV, Axiom gallery, The MIT Museum, Tufts University, Atlantic Works and performed at First Night Boston, Boston CyberArts and Pixilerations. Some of his video work was featured at Beacons Lumen Festival in the UK, and at Illuminus Festival – the inaugural Nuit Blanche Boston.

Artist Statement
My constant mixing and recycling of images from various sources echos the cycles of consumption I deal with conceptually: Transportation, territory, waste, the built environment, health, economy, among others. My most recent project is a visual study of Western civilization dealing with the allure and implications of the consumer society. Sometimes I use satellite photographs as well as my own to create images blending color and motion. I also make use of video material I produced as well as images shared by web users, and present it as a projection onto print panels or sheets of copper. My practice is constantly evolving and pushing the boundaries of what I can create, often making connections with other artists and intellectuals to further my inquiry and advance the work.


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