Voices Without Faces

Three channel video installation at the Museum of Science, Boston.

Audio installation by Halsey Burgund, video projection installation and editing by François-Xavier de Costerd, commissioned by the Museum of Science, Boston, on exhibit from February 3rd to June 5th, 2011.

From the exhibit wall text:

The population in the Greater Boston area is comprised of people from a wide range of ethnicities and cultures. This diversity is exemplified by the neighborhoods along Route 28. Running for 152 miles through 28 municipalities, the road stretches from country to the north, through suburbs and manufacturing towns, past the Museum of Science, through the heart of Boston, and down to Cape Cod.

With the aim of capturing the individual experience, past and present, of race in Boston, sound artist Halsey Burgund and the Museum collected the voices of people living in towns along the Route 28 corridor. This audio collage—Voices Without Faces, Voices Without Races—is the result of over 250 interviews about race that were held at the Museum and in community centers, offices, and homes up and down Route 28, from Methuen to Mashpee. The video, which traces the drive, (from South to North) shows the physical diversity of landscape.

Like the conversation about race, this soundscape of voices and music is generated in real-time and continuously evolving. We invite you to leave your pre-conceived ideas at the door, suspend what you think you know and simply listen.